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NY Vape Store is one of the few vape shops in NY currently carrying both nicotine and THC vape pens and vape cartridges. Our vape shop offers some of the best prices and vaping experience for adults only.
With service to the community as our core focus, we do vape pens delivery all over NY, with free delivery automatically available for first time buyers. Our one of a kind vape shop is geared towards making the connection between your ideal vaping experience and you. If you are over 21, browse our online vape shop, place an order with us and have a taste of our top of the line products. New York Vape Store is your one stop shop for everything vaping.

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Vape in style, vape on the go!

Are you considering the swapping smoking for vaping? Or are you an seasoned vaper looking to expand your arsenal? Regardless of who you are, our online vape shop has the right product for you.

If you are just starting out and want to see how easy it is to make the switch from tobacco or cannabis flower to vaping check out our Nicotine vape pens like the SMOK Novo and Suorin Edge. If you prefer a THC vape pen we have all the best and trending weed pen brands like the renowned Rove Carts, Cannaclear Carts and Pax Era Pods. For more advanced vapers, take a look at our high THC vape pens, such as the awesome Muha Meds Carts, to customize and maximize your vaping experience.

If you’re looking for something simple, refreshing and low fuss, why not browse our online vape shop and take a look at our collection of vape pens

Does your vape pen really contain THC oil?

Yes, alongside Nicotine vape pens, we equally carry and sell THC vape pens online. We have a variety of vape pens including Yang KRT carts, STIIIZY pods and Sauce carts. Our vape pens have THC values ranging from 90-96.5%.

Do you deliver vapes within NY?

Yes, all of our THC vape pens and nicotine vape pens are available for delivery within NY. Our products are delivered at your convenience and specifications. We give you an opportunity to customize your order and delivery.

How long till I get the vape pens I ordered?

We always try to make deliveries that are not only fast but equally convenient to the customer’s preference. We maintain a timeframe of 6 hours – 2 days on all orders within NY state.

Are THC vapes legal in NY?

Yes, as of 2021, THC products became legal in NY recreationally. Hence, we are legally permitted to sell THC vape pens and THC cartridges from some of the top brands in the vaping industry.

Can I vape THC in public in NY?

With weed vape pens being odorless, you can now vape in public discreetly without causing inconvenience to the people around you.

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